How Do You Know If Your Home Has Been Targeted By A Burglar? 

Burglar menace is not uncommon with rising crimes hitting the news headlines every day. How do you know if your property is being targeted by a burglar? It can make you paranoid and while being anxious is normal in anticipating danger, you have solutions as well. So, no need to feel scared as we give you a guide to help you identify early signs of an attempted burglary. In this way, you can keep yourself protected from such crimes. Also, a professional locksmith who have been in the trade for years and have been dealing with security issues in various situations will help you to guide the best. Locksmith Of Fullerton distinguishes itself as being one of the best locksmith services available in Fullerton, CA area. So, if you need the services of a professional locksmith in Fullerton, CA , then get in touch with them!

To rid of your jitters take note of the following signs that can tell you if you are being eyed by a burglar:

  1. Signs of your house getting marked

Sometimes these signs may not make sense individually, however, if you spot a pattern in the signs it may mean that you are being targeted. This can include a strange vehicle visiting outside your house often, someone taking pictures of your house, strangers visiting your home wanting to come inside, nearby case of a robbery, your gate is left open, your dog has been let out, flyers outside your home or your home has been egged as a mark, your patio furniture appears to have shifted, unfamiliar noises during quite times of the day, increase in the number of calls, your window breaks, strangers staring at your house, empty gas tank, etc. These are some common signs thieves or burglars watching over you can leave as trails. If you see repeated occurrence of such signs then be alarmed.

  1. Someone trying to assess your valuables

If you find strangers visiting your home and wanting to come inside for whatever reason and looking around your house, then you should practice caution. If you find the same people noticing your house from across the street or clicking pictures, then inform the police. Along with this you can also notice the passing by of an unfamiliar car at intervals as means of keeping an eye on you. These are done to see what valuables you possess which are worth stealing. Make sure you don’t readily allow strangers inside your home. If you spot such signs make sure you connect to a trusted locksmith in Fullerton, CA to bolster your existing security.

  1. Tracking your availability

Burglars would check on when you are at home and awake and alert. For this purpose they try some tricks like moving the patio furniture and noticing when it’s being moved back. Making spam calls on your home phone to see if you are absent, egging your house to see when it’s cleaned up, tracking your social media, breaking your window and leaving your gate open when you’re at home to observe your reaction. In such cases, you can ask a local locksmith service to help you out and set up security upgrades like installing monitor sensors and security cameras to enable you to keep a tab on suspicious movements.

  1. Signs of forced entry

If you notice signs of a forced entry, do not hesitate to call up a professional locksmith in Fullerton, CA. A compromised security needs immediate attention and needs to be followed by a course of corrective actions to prevent a mishap from happening. Such signs would include the use of brute force like breaking the hinges of your doors or windows and finding the window or door totally broken apart, your lock being picked revealed by scratch marks, your lock being bumped to force open a locked door without picking it, you finding things inside the house being moved from their places and any of your valuables gone missing. Most of the break-in attempts are easy to spot except for lock picking which itself requires skill to do it. This is why breaking in by lock picking isn’t common. A lock bumping may not always be successful and your lock might get broken and if you spot signs of tampering, you should get on your toes to call the police and a locksmith to help you out.

  1. A weakened security system

A burglar would first attempt to weaken your security system before breaking in. How can you tell this? You may come back home and notice the gate is already open or your dog has been let out. You may also notice trash around your house which a thief can use as a hiding place. Sometimes an inexperienced burglar can leave behind shoe prints that you can spot around the mud in your garden or on the snow.

Now that you have a guide on the typical signs left by miscreants before a burglary you can become more vigilant and do the needful by making sure your security systems are at their best working conditions. If you need more help on this, always feel free to consult Locksmith Of Fullerton for the best remedies as a professional locksmith in Fullerton, CA. Dial up 714-660-0437 for any of your security concerns or lock and key issues like lost keys, broken keys, or emergencies like lockouts.